Kyocera Tiered Pricing


Finally, a solution that revolutionizes the way you pay for color printing. Kyocera technology puts you in control by defining your color
usage levels, based on your documents. Therefore, you pay for the amount of color you use. For example, do you currently use a
black and white MFP or printer, but would like to add color to documents, such as letterheads and invoices? Kyocera’s unique Tiered
Color System can help you control your costs by evaluating every document to determine whether it is a simple text document with a
color company logo, a full color document or somewhere in between, and charging according.

Are you tired of leaving money on the table? It’s time to only pay for the color printing you actually use. Let’s face it – color printing can be costly! With Kyocera’s Tiered Color System, these pains become a thing of the past. Our technology allows you to define your color usage levels based on your needs so you’re only charged for the color you use. This way you continue to enjoy amazing color output without the need to break the bank. And with Kyocera’s Tiered Color Monitor, you can view a quick snapshot of your current and past color usage when this HyPAS application is enabled on your Kyocera device.

Without control, printing costs spiral. With the Kyocera’s Tiered Color System and Tiered Color Monitor, we give you the tools to regain control. With key insights, it’s possible to identify and address problem areas so that your business can dedicate more resources to adding greater value to the enterprise.